Friday, 20 May 2016

Nature in our Neighbourhood 1

The spaces where we live are open, wide and safe and draw us outside to explore. Our daily walks, accompanied by Sir Steve dog, lead us down familiar paths but there is always much that we find, from the natural world, that draws us in to look more closely or invites us to stop a little while and just watch.

On our most recent walk, in our neighbourhood, this is what we found:

 The transparent skeleton of a leaf.

Fluffy yellow flowers beginning to form on wattle.

A lone fungus in the grass to the side of the path.

 A colourful and beautiful rainbow lorikeet. 

 A red grevillia bloom.

Spiky, golden grass heads.

Greenish-grey lichen on a tree trunk.

All this is just a very short walk from our front door. All this to wonder about. All this to remind us of nature's ever-present beauty.

I hope you have time for a walk in your own neighbourhood this weekend. I wonder what you might find!



  1. I love nature pictures.....

  2. When you look closely nature is fascinating. I have nominated you for a Leibster award and posted a few questions for you on my blog. Would be great if you can find time to participate.

    1. I love to spend time in nature and to really look at the natural world around me. It is fascinating and intricate and calming.
      I have not heard of Leibster awards but I'll jump over to your blog and check it out. Thanks for the nomination! Meg:)

  3. Wow that bird is so colourful. I love seeing nature from other parts of the world ;)

    1. These beautiful rainbow lorikeets are very common where I live. They visit our area because of all the native forest and native flowering plants such as the grevillia that are planted in gardens and our suburb's parks. I love seeing the "flash" of their colours as they take flight!