Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Here & Now 2

Winter is really making its presence felt here now. The sunlight fades sooner and the sky's pink twilight tinge hints at the cold night air that descends before the earlier night.  Heavy, warm blankets are snuggled into and under and hands cup mugs of hot chocolate and tea. It's a time to seek and share warmth!

A visiting honeybee plundering a basil flower.

Warm yellow blooms of Calendula growing in the garden.

A beautiful and practical book for reading in the sun.
(The Simple Home by Rhonda Hetzel.)

Joining in with Sarah over at Say, Little Hen, here is a snapshot of my own Here & Now: 

Loving // Reading leisurely when curled up or stretched out under a warm sun.
Eating // Warm and gooey self-saucing butterscotch pudding with cream!
Drinking // Mineral water while overlooking the ocean after my long walk.
Feeling // Snug and warm under heavy Winter blankets on cold nights.
Making // Anything that features silverbeet because there is so much of it growing in the garden!
Thinking // It would be wrong of me to cut the basil back when the bees are having so much
                       fun in it!
Dreaming // Of this time, next week, when we'll be 2000km away in the place I will always
                        think of as "home".

I hope you have much that warms your heart in your own Here & Now.



  1. Hello Meg!
    Thank-you so much for joining in again - I've just added your link to my post :-) Your photos are so cheery and warming.
    We had butterscotch self-sauce pudding for dessert the other night, it was so yummy!

    Happy travelling,
    Sarah x

    1. Thanks, Sarah. I think your photos are wonderful too!

  2. Enjoy your travels. A lovely list and insight into your life thousands of miles away.

    1. Thanks! We will most definitely enjoy our travels. When I see, from the tiny plane window, the lush green of the mountains to the west of the city of Cairns fill the view, I always feel the excitement of "coming home".

  3. Oh I love the winter sun! And reading in the sun is my idea of perfection xx

    1. A little snooze in the sun is nice too, Elisa:)

  4. I'm a little slow catching up on Here & Now, and by now your already abroad. Happy travels! The bees will enjoy the basil while you're away. :)

  5. We did indeed have happy travels! We didn't go abroad; just up to the far north of Australia. We got back late last night and so I had to wait until this morning to do my "rounds" of the garden. The bees certainly love the basil but I did cut it back a bit today, along with a thriving rose geranium that was actually hiding the entrance to one of the hives. Things grow fast when one goes away! Meg:)