Monday, 25 July 2016

A Garden Visitor 5

The beautiful call of the Pied Butcher Bird accompanied me as I worked in the garden over the weekend. These birds often visit our garden, snapping up tasty morsels with their sharp beaks and drinking from our bird bath. They are quite curious, tilting and turning their heads as one approaches  seemingly considering whether one is friend or foe.

A Pied Butcher Bird meets a rather unusual friend while perched on our back fence. 

Here,  over the weekend, the weather was warm and sunny and so being outside was a true delight. I hope you had some delightful moments during your weekend days too.



  1. They are beautiful birds. They often come and sit on our verandah and sing their beautiful tunes.

  2. The bird in the photo above spent such a long time looking at the little clay owl, tilting his head from side to side and singing every now and then. So funny!