Friday, 22 July 2016

Catching the Light

It's felt a little like Spring here the past few days. It's been unseasonably warm so short-sleeves have replaced jumpers, shorts have replaced jeans and sandals have been welcomed back! I've walked more leisurely, less briskly, with no need to race the cold.

I've really noticed the change in the light on these warmer days. The way things seem highlighted when touched by the sun. Deep and bright yellows have caught me eye too; reminding me of the sun that has warmed these days.

A native flower glowing in the sun.

 Sunshine in a flower ... the deep yellow bloom of Calendula.

 Wattle ... bright yellow buds the colour of the sun.

Tiny yellow fireworks burst into bloom.

Two pots of delicious, golden Lemon Curd.

Sir Steve dog's honey-coloured coat shines in the sun.

I hope you'll get to spend some time out in the warm sunshine this weekend.





  1. Shorts in Winter now that is warm, enjoy it! We are having a lovely warm weekend here too, probably similar temperatures to you!

    1. It's been lovely being outside, on these warm Spring-like days, but I do hope we get some more Wintery weather soon. I hope you are outside enjoying your warm weekend too:)