Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Exploring Home: In My Mother's Garden

Just as growing up with the freedom to explore my surroundings instilled in me a deep love of nature, it is my mother's love of gardening that is nestled now in my own heart. My mother's tropical garden is filled with colour. Whenever I visit, it is not long before we are wandering around her garden together looking at all her beloved plants.

 The bright and beautiful bloom of Hibiscus.
 Cool, white Impatiens brighten up a shady spot.
 A lady awaits in the garden.

 The ruffled, sweet flower of a Camellia.
 The striking blooms of what my Mum calls a Poor Man's Orchid.

The upside-down bloom of a Chinese Lantern. 
Deep yellow lights up the garden.

 Water pooled in the centre of a brightly coloured Bromeliad.

 A tiny, sunshine yellow orchid flower.

Eye-catching leaves,  flowers and spikes!
Another impressive Hibiscus flower.

I hope you have enjoyed your short stroll around my Mum's beautiful garden. It's full of colour and happiness! 



  1. So beautiful. I love gardening and plants, I just don't seem to have quite enough time to indulge as much as I would like!

    1. I know, Cheryl. If I had my way, I'd spend all day, everyday, outside with my hands in the soil too! Meg:)