Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Here & Now 3

Outside, the skies are cloudy and grey. The light is subdued. A mist has descended so everything feels cold and damp. Inside, it is warm and quiet. There is soup simmering on the stove. Washing is hanging from air-drying racks and feet are encased in soft slippers. A contented Sir Steve dog is asleep at my feet. Here it is a wet Winter's day and this is my now: 

A little bunch of sweetly-scented, brightly coloured Dianthus.
Loving //  Finding pops of bright colours on overcast, Wintery days.
Eating //  Roasted pumpkin with everything. Yum!
Drinking // Smoothies full of raspberries, blueberries and blackberries.
Wearing //  A warm, checked flannelette shirt and comfy slippers. Very stylish!
Feeling //  Content just to be here in my home with my dog at my feet.
Making //  Pressed viola blooms so I can make some gift tags like these.
Thinking //  "I wonder if this washing will ever dry?"
Dreaming //  Of a fire pit in the backyard where hands are warmed and marshmallows are toasted.

Sarah, over at Say Little Hen, hosts this link-up. It's lovely to visit her blog, marvel at her beautiful photos and follow the links to other bloggers who share their own Here & Now posts.

Have a lovely Wednesday. Perhaps the sun will be shining where you are. If not, enjoy that muted sky.



  1. The sun is out at the moment, but I don't think that will last long.

  2. The flowers look lovely.....I just bought a fire pit with cover from Bunnings for the school holidays from Bunnings $85 as we weren't going away camping in winter I thought it would be nice to toast marshmallows in the backyard around the fire (which it was). There was a really really nice on on sale at Aldi for $90 in April and I really really wanted it but at that time didn't have the money and knew it was a "want" not a "need". With the school holidays I had saved the money to get it and pay cash so got the bunnings one and very happy with it. Comes in a flat box and James screwed the stand together and popped the bowl on top and it has a lid as well. As we are not camping on acreage and in a suburban backyard with trees I just wanted to be extra careful. We love it...even had a campfire in the afternoon to sit around. Kathy

    1. My dream of a firepit started because we visited friends who have one and had the loveliest day lolling about around its warmth eating fire-toasted jaffles and marshmallows. I thought a firepit would be really expensive. We were given a couple of Bunnings gift cards for Xmas and still have them so perhaps I could put those towards my own fire pit. When our boy was younger, a large sandpit with well-made timber seating was built up the back for him to play in. We've been talking about what to do about that area now our boy says he's "too big for that now!" It would be ideal for a fire pit with a sand base and seating already there. Might be a nice alternative to pulling it all apart...we can make it into something else. It is a want though and not a need so will just have to ponder carefully. I like that yours has a lid, Kathy. I'd want that too as we have bushland one houseblock over from us! Meg:)

  3. No judgment at all for the flannel and slippers - I just got home from a (soaking wet - no washing here either!) walk with the dogs and have slipped into trackies and wool socks. Brrr... :)

    1. I've just taken the dog to the park in my trackies and socks that don't match. Much rather warmth as opposed to style. Stay warm!

    2. Hehe! I love it and I bet the dog did too!

    3. Yes, Sir Steve dog loves his walks and he doesn't care at all about my lack of dress sense:)

  4. What a beautiful post Meg! I feel just a little calmer after reading your beautiful words. Thank-you so much for joining in.
    Winter days are the best, aren't they?

    Keep warm!
    Sarah x

    1. Thanks, Sarah! Your words and photos are lovely too!