Friday, 15 July 2016

Scenes from our Local Show

Our local show is held annually in a picturesque valley just a short drive from where we live. It's a wonderful, old-fashioned country show that's become one of our favourite family traditions. 

The ferris wheel ... a classic ride!
I love the feeling of wandering, unhurried and happy, to visit familiar stalls and rides and events and to discover what is new and different each year too. The joyful expression on my boy's face as he whirls around on a ride or slips down a giant slide makes me smile. I savour the simple contentment of eating sherbert-sprinkled ice-cream cones while sitting on green grass under sunny skies. And I love, absolutely love, the pavilion with its colourful and proud array of handmade crafts and homegrown produce.

A prize-winning pumpkin.
A beautiful basket of homegrown veggies.
A gorgeous, fragrant rose entry.
A bottle of homemade strawberry jam and its matching ribbon.
Cute clown cupcakes baked and decorated by a child.
Denim and colourful fabric patchwork.
Smaller square patches in another handmade quilt.
My favourite part of the show though happens towards evening. Just as twilight descends on the valley, and the sun slips down behind the mountain ridge, a bush band begins to play and a big, warming bonfire is lit. We sit, rugged up and sharing a blanket, to enjoy our dinner. The music fills the air, our feet tap, young children dance and sauce from our burgers trickles down our chins. As darkness falls, fireworks explode and sparkle in the black sky to signal the end of such a good day.

Fireworks light up the night sky.
I do hope you enjoy good days over the coming weekend. Perhaps there will be a show, fair or market in your local town this weekend.



  1. It looks wonderful .. We went to a local country show a few years ago but we didn't go because it just wasn't in the budget, by the time you pay for entry, a few rides and food it all ads up but I loved the smaller country show vs the big show. I think I might save some $1 coins so I can take the kids next year because it's one of our favourite memories. Your pics look great.

    1. We haven't been into the big "city show", Kathy. The entry for a family is beyond us. We get into our show for a reasonable price and we save money by packing a picnic lunch which we eat while watching the wood chopping events. Our bbq burgers are cooked up by a local community group (Lions Club, I think) so I like that our money will find its way back to our local community. And the music, it's free!

  2. I've always loved the show! Best ever childhood memories of going to our local show, and twice having the opportunity to go to the Royal Easter show...the best!

    1. I remember my Mum taking us to the show when we were little. I remember the wood chopping and little dyed chicks - pink and green and blue!

  3. We have one near to us that is held in September. I was really disappointed when I went last year it has become really expensive and very commercialised I didn't enjoy it at all!

    1. That's such a shame! Our show doesn't feel like that at all. It feels like the community comes out to share in a really happy event. I hope it stays that way. Meg