Monday, 17 October 2016

Down to the River

A tradition is emerging. Slow, Sunday Spring mornings down by the river. 

The view up river. 

 The view down river. 

These river mornings begin with a very short journey in our old ute. Sir Steve dog, his enthusiasm knowing no bounds, barks "happy woofs" the whole way there as if to announce to everyone in our neighbourhood (and beyond) that he's going somewhere.

A walk!

A swing!

A turtle!

That somewhere is a local river, wide and deep. A gravelly walking track to follow, birds and fish and turtles to spot as one walks along. Swings to dangle from and rocks to hop across. And, most important of all, sticks to fetch over and over again!

Sir Steve dog playing fetch.

This favourite game, repeated over and over again, fills both stick-thrower and retriever with delight. It ends only when Sir Steve dog, drenched and having drenched everyone else with his wagging "sprinkler tail" and whole body shake, carries his stick beyond the river bank and returns, not to the river but to the ute, for the drive home.

These warm Sunday mornings, spent by the river, bring our boy and his very best friend to explore and to play together. I'm sure we'll make the short trip to the river often this Spring...and in many of the Springtimes to come.



  1. What a beautiful spot, and how lucky are you to have that near your home, I believe I'd live there with the kids in summer, swimming and having picnics!

    Our town river is murky brown and not suitable for swimming in! It seems like such a waste.

    1. It's a great spot, known to the "locals", and often quiet when we venture out there. It's best after decent rain as it can get murky too if weather's been too dry. It's a shame about your local river, Cheryl. I think it's a great experience for kids to go swimming in creeks or rivers, so different to swimming in pool or ocean. Where I grew up, we even had our swimming lessons in local river cause the town pool (which no longer exists) wasn't deep enough once we got into high school! Meg:)

  2. A lovely way to spend a beautiful summer morning. Sir steve dog looked very happy and its such a good activity for him.

    1. Sir Steve dog loves it, Sherri. He's getting older now and the swimming is great exercise for him. He plays fetch with his stick with such singular focus, reminds me of the way that animals have of just being in the present moment and enjoying it wholeheartedly. Meg:)

  3. Replies
    1. It's a wonderful spot, Sarah. Very lucky to have a place like this close to where we live. Meg:)

  4. Its idyllic! Note to self to spend more time in the creek. We used to when WeeBeastie was smaller but we seem to always be heading off somewhere these days. That and our half dog (shared with Granny) is very naughty and runs off after lizards and doesn't come back for 2 hours!

    1. Sir Steve dog would like to meet your half dog, they could have a play down by the river!