Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Berry Delicious Somethings

When I tiptoed out to the kitchen early yesterday morning, a wee bit sleepy but looking forward to a couple of quiet hours to myself before anyone else awoke, I stood in a should-not-be-there puddle right in front of our combined fridge/freezer. A puddle, as it turns out, that was the handiwork of a little elf. It seems that this cute elf got a bit peckish the previous evening and rummaged around in the freezer for some sliced bread to make himself some toast. Unfortunately, said elf left the bottom freezer door slightly ajar and it remained so all night long. And it was a warm night too! By morning, when I wandered out in my pjs, the freezer had defrosted and all the food in the fridge above (which is cooled by air circulating up from the freezer below) had warmed right up. I almost turned around and went back to bed!  Instead, I set about salvaging what I could.

In this freezer, which is thankfully not where I keep the bulk of our frozen foods, I had a stockpile of frozen berries. Some blueberries from my own blueberry bushes and some packets of mixed berries. All defrosted berries now! So, I made a quick dash to the little local shop (which thankfully opens early:) to buy some essentials and then set to making some berry delicious somethings...

Buttermilk and Berry Slice
(I used this recipe but with a pecan topping instead of almonds.)

Berry good!

Blueberry and White Chocolate Muffins
(Adapted from this recipe from Jude Blereau.)

 Mixed Berry Icecream made in the Thermomix
(Adapted from this recipe for Strawberry Icecream)

Berry delicious!

Now, instead of plain old toast for a hungry little elf, there are several batches of these berry delicious somethings in the freezer. Hopefully, after he reaches in to find something to quieten his tummy rumblings, he'll remember to shut the freezer door!



  1. Good thinking, Meg. Well done. I have a few packets of mulberries in the freezer I use in winter to make mulberry cobbler which tastes delicious.

    1. Thanks, Nanna Chel. I did have to throw out quite a bit of food from fridge so it was nice to be able to do something with all those berries. It's going to take a while to eat it all! Meg:)

  2. Oh no!!! I hope little Elf has seen the error of his/her ways. The berry foods look delicious, and were you able to freeze some of the products to enjoy later? Apart from the ice-cream of course. Throwing away food is my worst dread and you did so well to save what you could.

    1. I froze most of the batches I made, Sally, as there was quite a lot given how many berries I had to use up! We'll be eating delicious berry somethings for quite a while:) Meg

  3. Good on you for not wasting all that precious food!
    On the upside, you have a freezer full of snacks now!

  4. Yep, always an upside! Meg:)