Tuesday, 3 January 2017

New Year Days

These early New Year Days have unfolded contentedly, filled with time here in our home. We haven't ventured much beyond our own blue gates. We've not had the need or the desire to go far. I simply love days like these!

There's been a little gardening:

A creamy yellow Zinnia flower.
There's been some baking:

A fresh batch of oaty Anzac biscuits. 

There's been much healthy eating:

Our Garden Salad with chicken and a creamy yoghurt dressing.

There's been a spot of sewing:

 The beginnings of a new dress.

Practising buttonholes! 

There's been lots of cleaning and organising:

The much neater corner of my sewing table.

There's been a bit of knitting:

A new washcloth with a new pattern.

There's been plenty of reading and board games and music and cricket and fun.

Just two of the many books we are enjoying these holidays.

In amongst all these joys, there has been the annual packing away of the Christmas tree and lights and new calendars have replaced the old. This new year is off to a lovely start!

I hope your New Year Days are unfolding contentedly too.



  1. I have been pottering around dusting and sorting out things that need to be released. I have been pondering whether it is time to say goodbye to my purple swimming togs which are over 40 years old and the last gift my father bought me before he died. Perhaps it is time to let go. I have the memory of the shopping trip, I don't need the actual bathers to remind me. Don was busy outside this morning and is now inside painting the walls of the bathroom Horrible hot and humid weather for it, but once he makes up his mind to do something he just has to keep going.

    1. Hi, Sherri. I hope it's cooler up your way today. Over the weekend, my husband got in and dismantled our beautiful, hardwood sandpit. He was out in the heat for ages! Didn't seem to affect him too much, whereas I would've melted. I'm sure you'll come to a decision that feels right for you about your purple swimming togs. I have a memory box of things that I should probably go through as well, I'm sure there would be things in there that I could let go of too. Meg:)

  2. Doesn't it feel restful to shut yourself away behind the gates? Why cant this feeling be around all year, wouldn't that be bliss? I love the feeling of contentment.

    This is my favourite time of year too. It seems to be the only time I have spare time on my hands, when I am not rushed and take things a little more easy. I am pottering around just doing little bits here and there and doing some planning for this year.

    1. Contentment is a wonderful feeling, Tania. That feeling of "this is enough" is something that I consciously try to hold onto. I am very much a homebody so love pottering around here, with the blue gates closed and the world somewhat distant. I loved the 365 Days list on your blog, many simple and lovely things to look forward to during your year. Meg:)

  3. Gorgeous photos Meg. The food shots are almost real enough to smell. I love the dress fabric, you will show us the finished item won't you.

    1. Thanks, Sally. This is the first dress I've ever made so it's taking me a while. I spent an hour just practising buttonholes! I love the fabric. It's called Midnight Flora and is clearly meant for me as blue is my favourite colour and I love all the little flowerheads and mushrooms and twigs scattered over it. I will show you when I'm finished, maybe soon as I've past the buttonholes now. Meg:)