Monday, 27 February 2017

Pretty Picot Edge Washcloth

A washcloth with a fancy edge has been a favoured project of late.  Knitted up in a creamy, organic cotton, this simple soft washcloth with its decorative edge will make a lovely little gift.

 Picot Edge Washcloth & Soap

I found the pattern I used on the Churchmouse Yarns website in their Wee Ones pattern library.  It was not a free download and cost $6AUS. I purchased it because it looked lovely and seemed simple and the pattern can be made up into a baby's blanket easily. (This is not a sponsored recommendation, I just bought the pattern and happily and successfully knitted it up:)

I developed a few new knitting moves as I made this washcloth. This You-tube clip, for the Knitted Cast-on Method, helped me learn a new-to-me technique that is different to how I would normally get the beginning stitches on my needle. I also found this You-tube clip, for making a Picot Edge, really helped me visualise how to create that decorative edging.  

Picot Edging

While much of this washcloth is simple plain knitting, I think the picot edge is very pretty and makes it just that little bit special.



  1. Well I think it looks lovely, Meg. Thanks for those links. I will check them out.

    1. Thanks, Chel. It was a quick knit once I learnt how to do the picot edge. The You-tube clips were great for that. Meg:)

  2. Hi Meg, I am still to give knitting a go, I have the cotton and needles and I have watched a how-to video on YouTube countless times, I just have to make the time and do it. Thanks for the inspiration, you did a beautiful job, it's so neat. Have a lovely week,

    1. I love this age of how-to videos, Fiona. I'd still be trying to figure out lots of things without them! Have fun with your knitting! Meg:)