Friday, 3 March 2017

Common and Beautiful

Resting upon a leaf, of the star jasmine that runs itself rampant along one of our fences, was this brown-winged butterfly. It is a Common Australian Crow Butterfly (or Oleander Butterfly).

 Common Australian Crow Butterfly rests on our star jasmine.

While not as colourful and boldly patterned as its showy cousins, and a much more common sight in our garden than some others, it is none the less beautiful. Fine and delicate with white spots that look like a painter has dabbed them on, oh so precisely!

Flying away.

It might be common but, like so many things, very beautiful too when one looks closely and with wonder.

Have a lovely weekend. 


  1. Good morning Meg, I too stare in wonder at butterflies. We have a couple of different ones that visit our garden and I always chase them like paparazzi for a photo. They are truely beautiful. Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. Hi, Fiona. I'm sure that anyone looking on at me trying to photograph butterflies in my garden would be laughing because usually, as soon as I creep in close enough, they take flight! Have a lovely weekend too. Meg:)

  3. Meg I have always loved flutterflies. My grown children know that if something features flutterflies or dragonflies that it will be a hit with me. Our garden is still a work in progress and we don't see many of these lovely winged creatures yet, but we will. Last year we noticed native bees for the first time. Yeh!
    I see a particular Island features for you as a place of beauty. We have Fraser Island and it is somewhere that is very special.
    Have a good weekend.

  4. Hi, Jane. As we have planted out the garden, the butterflies and other insects have come to visit and make their homes here. As you plant out more food plants for them, more and more will come. How lovely to have native bees visiting your garden. They are so calming to watch and to wonder over. Meg:)