Friday, 14 April 2017

Teacup Maple Syrup Puddings (Microwave)

Autumnal nights, crisp and cool, are perfect for puddings. And, a sweet & saucy pudding, in a teacup, not only warms your heart but your hands too as you wrap them around your chosen mug (after it's cooled down to a safe hold-able temperature, that is).

A sweet and warm teacup pudding with a dollop of cream.

I only acquired a microwave a short time ago. I typically use it just for reheating leftovers but occasionally, I'll make these little puddings. The original recipe, for a Butterscotch version, comes from Lucy at Bake.Play.Smile.  As is my way though, I have tinkered with the recipe a little and toned down the sweetness a lot in the process. This is how I make them at my place:  

Teacup Maple Syrup Puddings

CAKE:                                                                SAUCE:
100g butter                                                       1&1/2 cups boiling water
1 egg                                                                   1Tablespoon cornflour
1/2 cup milk                                                      2 Tablespoons maple syrup
1 teaspoon vanilla extract                              1/4 cup coconut sugar
2 Tablespoons maple syrup                           thick cream for serving*
1/2 cup SR flour 

 Melt butter in your microwave.

 Whisk in milk, egg, vanilla & maple syrup.

Blend in flour by whisking gently.

 Divide the batter evenly to half-fill greased teacups.
(Recipe makes six.)

 Mix cornflour & coconut sugar together in a heatproof jug. 
Whisk in boiling water and maple syrup.

Pour sauce from heatproof jug very carefully over the top of the cake batter in each cup.
(Pouring the sauce over the back of a spoon helps:)

 Place cups (three at a time) on microwave plate & cook for 2minutes.
 Tops of puddings should be firm and a little springy. Cook further 30seconds if required.

During the cooking time, the teacups become quite hot so you need to be very careful when handling them. Allow each cup/pudding to cool before serving so that they merely warm the hands that hold them (rather than burning them).

A beautiful sauce forms underneath the cakey top during cooking.

If you would like to serve these with white chocolate chips, jersey caramels and/or ice-cream, as is Lucy's tempting suggestion, then you can. I just dollop a lovely scoop of thick cream on top before I sit myself down to savour spoonfuls of warm and gooey pudding. Delicious!

Do you have a favourite pudding recipe that you like to make? 



  1. I have all those ingredients except the coconut sugar. I guess I could use brown sugar. Thinking I just might make these for everyone tonight.

    Thanks for the recipe.


    1. Hi, Kylie. These little puddings take very little time to make and cook so are great for a quick, homemade dessert. The original recipe uses brown sugar so you can definitely use that. I hope everyone enjoys them. Meg:)

  2. Hi Meg,
    I love this idea, easy, warming and delicious. I love sticky date pudding or a rich chocolate self saucing pudding, I love to have plain vanilla ice cream AND pouring cream with any warm pudding. My Mum used to make divine steamed puddings like jam pudding and ginger pudding and would make a custard to go with them. I love the cooler weather so we can indulge and truly enjoy eating heart warming deserts. I hope you have a lovely Easter with your family.

    1. Puddings are quite nostalgic, aren't they. My mum made a lovely bread and butter pudding and also a chocolate self saucing pudding too. I hope you have a lovely Easter too, Fi. Meg:)

  3. They look delicious Meg, thanks for sharing the recipe with us.

    1. They are delicious, Jan. I don't generally cook things in the microwave but this is a simple dessert that can be made easily and quickly. Meg:)

  4. Hmmm don't tempt me, Meg. I can remember bread and butter pudding being served when we were growing up. I think we had dessert every night then. Now we hardly have them at all.

    1. We had dessert every night when we were kids too, Chel. I tend to make simple things, like homemade custard or ice-cream and simple puddings like these. Meg:)

  5. They look very yummy, OH still likes a dessert of some sort every night but it's more often fruit or yogurt nowadays.
    I have a little book full of microwave mug recipes but have to admit to not trying any, even though we were without an oven for 6 weeks until this week

    1. These puddings are good for the occasional bit of indulgence, Sue. Nice on a cool Autumn night. Being without an oven would be a challenge, would be good for discovering new recipes that don't require baking:) Meg

  6. These look gorgeous Meg. Do you think I could bake them in my oven instead of the microwave? I'd stand them in a pan of water. What do you think?

    1. Yes, I think they'd work in the oven, Sally. Maybe about 180C or so. Meg:)