Monday, 7 March 2016

A Very Short Nature Walk

Yesterday, we took a little path that leads down to a wide river. It's less than a two minute walk along that path, if one strides determinedly, to reach the water from where the car is parked. But, if you let your eyes wander to either side of that path, purposeful strides can turn into a slow meander.

 A small nest.

 A tiny, delicate flower.

 Scattered seed pods.

Raindrops on a leaf.

I hope you too had a chance to wander, slow and unhurried, sometime over your weekend. Whatever path you took, I hope there was nature either side of it.



  1. Simple things are the most wonderous! Love your blog and photos. Happy spring!

    1. Thanks, Rita! I agree that simple things are the most wonderful. Whether it be a little nest a bird has built or just the warmth of the sun on my shoulders when I'm gardening outside, I feel that it all enriches my life.