Friday, 4 March 2016

Beautiful Bird Puppets

Our garden is visited by a variety of birds each day. They catch insects, pull up juicy worms, drink and splash in our bird bath and watch the world go by from the handrails of our verandah. We eagerly watch them, listen to their songs and marvel at the freedom they have to fly! 

My young boy once made a simple and fun bird puppet. It was so easy to make and he had a lot of fun with it. With his hand inside the bag, my young puppeteer made his bird fly all over the house. (I recall some attempted bird calls and screeching too!)

Here is how to make one too if you have young children or grandchildren:

 Gather brown paper bags and crayons.
Colour in the paper bag with the crayons any way you like!

Collect and/or cut out pieces to glue onto the paper bag. 

We had round brown circles for the face, patty pan papers for eyes, cardboard triangles for beaks, little brown cardboard feet, torn brown paper for wings and some craft feathers for...feathers! You need some white craft glue too!

Glue collage materials on to your brown paper bag to make a bird. 
(See the photos above and below.)

Make your bird puppet fly.
 Slip one hand inside the paper bag and move it all around.

Have fun swooping, diving and perching on the backs of chairs or on family members' heads! Don't forget to practise your bird calls. 

Have a lovely weekend.


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    1. I still have my boy's puppet tucked away in a box where I put some of his artwork from when he was smaller. I've also made these puppets with classes of small children who loved them too.